Real Dream

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The same thoughts running through her mind,
Of someone who is warm and kind,
Wishing the past was once more,
As she lays alone, curled, on the floor.

The tears slowly wet her cheeks,
As she counts the past in terms of weeks,
Drawing faint hearts on the page,
Knowing that this would always age.

But failing to see why things would fold,
Looking deeply depressed and feeling cold,
Thinking things just aren’t right,
As she lays alone all through the night.

She closes her eyes and drifts to sleep,
Seeing him with every heartbeat,
Touching his lips and holding him so,
Telling him she’ll never let go.

She looks into his deep, dark eyes,
And knows the past wasn’t hidden in lies,
Their lips touch gently and in she leans,
This seams so real, it can’t be a dream.

It feels as though this should be fate,
But soon enough she slowly awakes,
To lay alone and still on the floor,
Wishing to have this back once more.

One thought on “Real Dream”

  1. This poem is so lovely and I could really feel the meaning it brings just within every bit of the word, and this poem reminds me of my past.

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