Love is cruel..

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When you love someone
you hope and wish that person loves you back,
but it turns out they don’t..

So you dream and wish
that one day their feelings change
and actually love you..
so you promise yourself to
not love anyone else but that person

You Wait.. And wait till you figure out
that you were a fool for thinking
that person may actually love you back

Now I must move on
but my heart cannot..
I try so hard to forget you
but I cannot..

Every morning Im always thinking about you
and I think of what I’ve given up for you..
and all I wanted for you to do was
to buy me a plastic ring
and tell me

3 thoughts on “Love is cruel..”

  1. omg i love u…… not rele be I’ve surched and surched 4 the right poem and i finnally found it thank you soo much……

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