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Tonight I met a new friend
As kind and caring as one can be
There was a special way about her
She became a comfort to me

I haven’t the words to describe her
I guess unique and understanding is she
But I do know that in a brief moment
She became a comfort to me

I’ve no idea where this friendship will go
Or if it has already come to an end
I only know that in my heart
You will always be my friend

Always remember how very special you are
How you make the world a better place to be
At least you did for me that night
You became a comfort to me

It doesn’t matter if I ever see you again
For it’s in my heart your memory runs free
When I need to I can stop and think of you
And once again you’re a comfort to me

11 thoughts on “A FRIEND AND COMFORT TO ME”

  1. i loved ur poem and know i m going to write this one for my special friend so, that she understand that how much she means to me
    keep writing such nice and heart touching poems

  2. I sent this to one of my best friends. it opened our
    hearts and made us better friends we now everyday
    we say this poem before we go to bed. thank you for
    making our friendship stronger.


  3. I love this poem. I´m now in a situation where I´m losing
    a wonderful friend.
    The one who always were by my side, the one I love, is now gone!

    Once again, I love your poem Brad!!

  4. Hi, thank you for such a beautiful poem. Infact its heart touching one and simply good.It reminds me of an encounter with a very good friend though we had never met again, i always ponder over my encounter with that friend. thank you once again and keep it up.

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