Life Pain

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Dark deep thoughts in which I fear
Often wishing I could disappear,
Problems I cannot bear to solve,
Wishing I was no longer involved.

I wish I could fly so far away,
From painful dilemmas I face each day,
Or curl up tightly on the floor,
To cry out all the hurt, once more.

Life hardly ever seems to be fair,
And you hurt end up hurting those who care,
I often think that life would be,
A hell of a lot better without me.

One thought on “Life Pain”

  1. Not only do we share the same feelings, we share the same name, same spelling. I have felt this way before, and it seemed impossible that things would change, but I’m getting better, I started focusing on what I can do for others even little stuff like holding a door or paying for someones coffee, random things. It built my self worth knowing I could help other people. I hope you find peace and gratitude.


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