Hiding Faces

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People don’t get just how hard it is
to be yourself amongst a crowd,
It comes naturally to oh so many
but others struggle to keep themselves.
As people love who they are
others despise and hide who they’ve become as time passed.
They may hide under clothes, make-up, or hair.
They may be hiding from other people,
But they could also be hiding from themselves.
The people who seem so perfect might indeed have no worries,
As the hiding flowers observe from afar.
The perfect ones with no worries may be envied,
But it is the ones who struggle that will make it far.
The ones who hide might not even understand themselves,
They may have been hurt one too many times
But that has prepared them for what life is really like,
Life is full of worries, heart break, and death.
The ones that hide are the ones who have the ability
to embrace all the pain and make it who they are.
Too many people don’t know who they are,
But even more go on without the slightest worry.
As the ones who hide will rise
the ones who are risen will fall.
Life is a battle that’s hard to comprehend,
It’s so easy to lose yourself.
But what’s to lose if you never knew yourself to begin with?
The ones who prefer dark over light
are the ones who won’t parish and die before their time.
Therefore the ones that hide are the wise ones,
ready for life to hit for where there is life there is more death.

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