Jet Black, Centred in Midnight Blue

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Your eyes were the night sky I once stared into
Jet black, centred in midnight blue
Who stole the twilight that never dies?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

I guess I didn’t know what to say
To a night sky fading away
Who said the moon never cries?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

Now, the night breeze will surely come
The one that leaves us feeling numb
So, who filled the clouds with goodbyes?
Who stole the stars from those eyes?

24 thoughts on “Jet Black, Centred in Midnight Blue”

  1. Hey i loved that poem…i totally got it…my life
    is kinda screwd with my friends and everything
    sooo thank you for writting that lol goodbye

  2. i just had a friend die in a car accdiden and this peom really toush me in a way i never look at anything before thank you

  3. hello,
    I've just passed your poem on to a friend who's boyfriend died this week, I think that
    it might help console her. This really is a beautiful poem and so brimming with
    heart felt sentiment. I loved it, as sad as its. Publish a book….I'll buy it!!!!!

  4. dude that’s DEEP
    AWESOME poem
    if i wasnt so numb to sadness
    it would have brot tears to my eyes
    if I hadnt been turnd so cold
    it woulda pierced thru my heart and brot a lump in my throat
    but it stil has found a place to abaide in me
    so ima put in in my profile ^_^
    (don’t wory il giv you credit lol)
    thankz much
    Deus te AbEnCoi

  5. Wow! Amzing poem… it jus made me feel like singing it!
    omg you have talent, keep it going that was so amazingly touching
    like i know this manwhom jus passed away in a bike/truck accident
    and omg when i read it i thought about that wow! seriously you are
    an amazing writer… and im loving your writing so keep it going hun!
    ciao. -kla

  6. awwwwwwwwwww….that was the sweetest poem i read 4 a long time…thank u..u really touched me…and helped me uncerstand my problems more…keep it up!!!!!!!

  7. i really like it, it's so emotional and has touched my heart …
    i still feel with its words, every time i read it, i cry, so charming, touching…
    tht's really wonderful, keep it up and don't stop, i just love it and i don't have the words now to describe it,
    God blesses u!!!

  8. I loved this and I waz wandering if you would maybe e-mail this poems to me you think
    well much love you have my respect well much love agin and well maybe we could be firends.

  9. beautiful iloved your way with words the only other person that writes like you do is mu beautiful daughter and shes in college and also writes beautiful poetry keep up the beautiful work not too many words but still made an impact

  10. i would just like to say wow! i love your work! i've read two so far…but i really like it…its touching to me…you have talent keep it up….i love it! ~angie

  11. ~hey this is jealissa i like your pomes they are nice keep up the good work i wish i could do stuff like that i cannot do that
    much stuff like that and i hate it i want people to teach me how well i g2g Im in school talk latter email me back your friend jealissa~

  12. this poem was very good and i really like these kind of poems they are
    very sweet and me n my boyfriend r always breaking
    up.and he always has a peom to tel me but all i gonna say is its over
    and sometimes i don’t evan wantto say anything but I have to
    it feels like Im all desprite but im really not like my bff says is
    always tellin me that i can find somebudy in 10
    minutes but sometimes i don’t want to because i really love him
    and the person that wrote this poem is a very good poet

    thank you

  13. i really lk that poem!! it wuz exactly wat my bff needed!!
    her boyfriend left her last week and told her that he just didn’t lk her anymore.
    That he actually prefered her friend than her. they had been going out now for lk 4 years.
    it wuz actually very disappointing seeing my best friend cry lk that. i really hope that
    the girl that he goes out w/ does da same darn thing that he decided 2 do 2 her. it wuz a wonderful poem.

  14. That was a sad, filled, rich-worded poem.
    i sighed sadly as i read it, for it reminded me of
    losing my best friend, Nicolle. she just stopped
    liking me…i guess READ NARUTO

  15. that’s such a beautiful poem
    you have a truelly amazing talent cory
    i love poetry and would love to share my work with you
    even though i generally don’t show ppl my work
    i hope to hear from you

  16. I like the poem. I just heard it too many times that Im tired of it .
    I think that the poet is a really good poet. I would love to read more of his/her poems. Will I'm out

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