The truth of your love washes my soul

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This breath in my lungs is for you,
The ache in my bones and the aching of my heart,
for you.
Overwhelmed by the thought of a kiss,
Im now in your presence.

The truth of your love washes my soul
Incomplete without you
Wishing for the source
For the sweet, soft, brightness that comes with your faith
In something that cannot be seen,
Only felt.

The morning is a new day that is still yesterday,
Touching on a heightened level
Knowing each beat that flows through you

Wanting the future
Wanting the next
Wanting the warmth

Praying for the strength.
For the wisdom and long-suffering,
For the patience
That a thousand lovers never had

Wanting to fill you,
Waiting to touch you,
Wishing for a miracle that will most certainly come as you.

6 thoughts on “The truth of your love washes my soul”

  1. Find a reason, search for a light, look past despair for its everywhere.
    Hope's anI willusion, however what do we have butI willusions and dreams.
    Good luck.

  2. Courtney,
    For watever reason inspired or drove you to write
    such a poignant and absolutely consuming poem
    I have to confess Im truly very impressed!
    I am impressed very little and the depth to which
    your expression and emotion and intimacy to
    which every reader feels when they read its
    something amazingly spectacular. I tell you,
    I’ve not read a piece of such magnitude and
    intese distinction in many years. I am a great
    poetry lover and equally a passionate romantic.
    I encourage you to write all you can whenever you
    can; for it would be a tremendously gross
    understatement if I were to say that your gift of
    writing via poetry is not miraculous. I hope
    somehow in this age of nonsense and
    hopelessness that people find the hope in your
    poetry as I’ve found.
    Sincerely yours,

  3. Hello,
    I don't know you, but I
    surfed in here and saw your poem.
    I fell in love with it because it
    spoke to my heart as well as
    my boyfriend's.
    thank you for writing such a beautiful
    and lovely poem!

    Good Luck with your future writing!

    Trinity D.

  4. Hey Courtney it was a beautiful treat to my eyes and FEEL for my heart… If destiny allows me then I would go personally to each and every lover out there and recite this words so that they can understand how true..Someone’s love could be… I am feeling so glad that I came across such a touching poem … I sincerely wish to read more of your poems … please do write … would be waiting …

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