Wait for you

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As feelings collide into my deep soul,
I try my best to always keep you in mind.
Just when I feel like you slowly slip away,
You seem to know exactly when to come back.
And when I cry for your love,
Somehow I feel you hear it.
Lonely with desperation,
Waiting for you to forever be mine.
Longing to hear your voice,
Telling me how much you care.
To feel the touch
That makes me feel so safe.
Longing to kiss the lips
That takes my breath away.

The longing inside my heart and soul
Aches when you’re not near.
Pictures and thoughts of you
Stay inside my mind.
I can’t bear the fact that you are
Not by my side.
My mind wonders uncontrollably
Of where you might be.
Pain is what I feel.

Waiting to gaze into the eyes
That tells a future.
My heart softly whispers
The true meaning of love.
Faster and faster my heart beats
When you’re near.
Slower and slower it gets
When you’re faraway.

A thousand pages are needed
To tell you exactly how I feel,
That the love you give to me
Is the love that seems so real.
Gently touching me to ease my pain away,
I just can’t imagine how life would
Be without that touch.

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