A word like love can be unspoken but true

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A word like love
can be hidden
and put away for a while

while you look for that girl
who will change your life
and make you smile

Just don’t forget
look at the girl
standing in front of you

she’s laughing
and happy
because of you

Not everyone believes in love
at first sight
at first glance

but don’t make the mistake
of losing this one
and missing your chance

This girl will be there
for no one else
but you

because a word like love
can be unspoken
but true

7 thoughts on “A word like love can be unspoken but true”

  1. Omg … I Just Read Your Poem And I Loved It So Much … It's So Cute And So I Sent It To My B/f … Maybe He Can Learn From It … thank you :D

  2. I agree with this poem. I thought that the only thing
    that made me truely happy was this man.Now that
    we aren't together anymore, i relize that he truely did
    make me happy.But now it's tooo late. I can't believe
    i let him slip away.

  3. hi i read your poem i liked it it was good my mom is in love so she thinks he left her and all she
    did was drink it made me sick she only was married to him for a couple of months now they are back together and shes happy is that love or need ???

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