Pretend it never happened

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Let me give you a knife
and my arm
and you can cut it for me
so you see the anger in my eyes.
You say mean things to me
but it doesn’t stop there
No, your words go deep inside
and stay with me forever.
Im taking this hard
but why shouldnt I?
I look at you with disgust
as I see you walk by.
The silence it kills me
but it’ll always be the same
But Id take silence
then have to replay those memories in my head
What did I do to deserve this?
Im sick of making excuses for you
So lets just leave,
Pretend it never happened.
Somebody pinch me
please tell me Im dreaming
Let me wake in the morning
and it’ll not be my reality.

3 thoughts on “Pretend it never happened”

  1. Im living in a situation that your poems expresses and its soooo hard specially when you love that person.
    I wrote a poem and sent it to the address i guess i was surposed to … its about darkness and a rose maby youll se it in here hopfully.
    Your poem may help my b/f understand how badly his words hurt.

  2. hey blaire, I’ve a friend who is sort of like you,
    or atleast what i gather you are like from your poems
    although.. im pretty sure that he is in many ways
    very differnt as well. i know that he has been hurt
    so badly, but he has also hurt others without meaning
    to… he has hurt me, yet i will still stand by him and
    be his friend, Im sure that you will always have friends
    there 4 you 2. life is not always good, but its not always
    bad either. i know that even when it seems like everything
    is bad there is always something.. even if it sometimes
    seems very tiny in comparison to all the bad

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