I’m scared to be hurt again

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Im scared.
I wouldn’t care to admit it, but Im.
Im scared like a wounded wild bow
in the black jungle with a deep wound!
The painful soul behind a branch!!
While my pain rampage around,
Fighting against me,
Im scared to be wounded again!
Im scared to be hurt again!
No body can find me?
Well! Im hiding behind a branch!
When the sun rise,
When I see the blue sky,
I come out
Even though I have a weeping heart,
I have to walk away with a brave face
And while walking I think aloud,
How can I know a caring heart and honest eyes?
I never knew the world to be so wicked and cruel.

Im scared, Im scared to trust again!

4 thoughts on “I’m scared to be hurt again”

  1. this poem is so true …
    im really touched ….
    thanks for putting the feelings in such beautifull words…..

  2. lol…this is so stupid on my part, but I noticed it and I have to say it. you can read this poem from bottom to top and it still makes sense…lol.sorry*embarrassed* Great poem. goodbye

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