My other half

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I loved putting my head on your shoulder,
You kissed my forehead,
And told me it’s alright.
Now you’re a ghost
Invisible to my eyes
Haunting my heart.
You completed my thoughts and sentences
Because you knew me better than I knew myself.
The only thing that wasn’t fleeting in my life,
And now it’s gone.
Who am I,
And what am I supposed to do next?
Im on the edge again
Not knowing the real me.
Being someone and something Im not.
Save me from myself.
Im falling through.
On the edge again.
I need my wings.
I want to be alive,
At home,
In your arms.

6 thoughts on “My other half”

  1. Wow your poem is saying everything Im going through,
    we probably have different meanings for it but your
    poem brought me to tears!!! thank you for writing this
    It sure has helped me, a little but a little is better than when
    I was…..thank you and email me sometime
    Sincerely, Mandy

  2. Love is eternal… and your poem speaks eternity it was so touching and heartwarming… Falling in love with someone is a different thing but being loved by someone is the actual thing. The person was lucky to get your love!

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