What you did was wrong but I still love you

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It hurt so very bad,
No one sees that Im sad,
I long for arms to hold me,
Is it too hard to see?

I need you here today,
But that will never be,
At least I can think back on the days,
When you belonged to me.

You think that you’re so funny,
Wait til the cold hands grab your throat,
you start to choke,
you will not cope,
you will be buried in the lies you have told.

I cannot believe you,
What you did was so wrong,
But i still love you,
And i will forever long.

15 thoughts on “What you did was wrong but I still love you”

  1. This is an awesome poem and it relates so much to me
    good luck on your poems amy and don’t lose your talent
    because obviously you have a lot!!!!!

  2. I just found out from my now ex boyfriend
    that he cheated on me for almost the whole time
    that we have been going out…
    and i still love him with all my heart,
    even tho he did cheat on me…and a lot of ppl
    say that im stupid cause i still love him
    but you have to be in my shoes to understand

  3. My comment is that I thought this poem actually
    made me realize that i could forgive my boyfriend
    from hiding stuff from me and that I could trust him
    again so in a way this poem helped me with the
    problems in my relationship!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey! i totally kno where your comming from. my ex*boyfriend
    cheated on me to. i was so hurt:( But the more sadder
    thing is that i still love him and no matter how hard i try i can't
    stop loving him. so i kno exatly how you feel. Keep up the great work!!
    ur realli good at it:)
    *sad 14 y.o

  5. Your poem says it all, and that\’s an excellent quality in poetry!! I am so sorry you are hurting!!
    I just want you to know that you have a talent, and I look forward to reading another one of your poems:)
    Hang in there=)

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