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I feel out of place so many times
The only thing that soothe’s me…..these rhymes
Time flies, comes back and sometimes stands still
Memories get me through but even that sometimes time can steal
The sadness, the not knowing, Why am I here?
The silence, the frustration……..that is my fear
The world around me just does not seem real
But then again thats just me
Thats how I feel

12 thoughts on “Sadness”

  1. That was reali gud poem how i found it was well my friend was feeling sad coz her grandma died so i was lookin up poems for a friend who is feeling sad and this poem came up and i thought it was wonderful well neway if ne1 has msn i love it if you added me 2 your list
    love emily

  2. I thought that your poem was very real and very interesting it
    gave me goosebumps when i read it and i just wanted to
    say that you are a very talented poem maker


  3. I really enjoyed your poem!! Your words fit me to a tee:) You have touched many hearts out there with this one poem, so think about what you can do with other poems you may have!! It\’s just a suggestion. I say Keep up the Good work!! And Take care=)

  4. I think many people feel left out at some time in their life and there are some people who always feel left out … and I am one of them … Sometime I feel so bad but as time passed I am learning to live it and I actually learned to live happy now. Yea I need to tell that my memories played and still playing an important part in my life … It makes me smile and sometimes it makes me cry too … but it’s a good feeling … I need to thank you for sharing this poem and I hope you will come up with more good poems :)

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