How can you call me a friend when I’m hurt by you?

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I thought I got away from this
Little did I know I was only getting deeper
The rain pounds on the window
as the pain tears at my heart.

Am I going crazy?
Or have I just lost my way.
It’s nothing like I’ve imagined
It’s worse.

The cuts they keep coming
but everythings the same
Im slowly disappearing
No one will notice when Im gone.

Kick me while Im down right?
Your getting pretty good at it.
you’re tearing me in two
Just put me down easy.

How can you call me a friend
when Im always hurt by you?
I thought it would be better by now
Trust me. Its not.

4 thoughts on “How can you call me a friend when I’m hurt by you?”

  1. i liked this poem very much…it touched me in a very deep place that i thought might have been my imagination, until i read this poem. thank you for showing me somthing that i was afraid didnt exist.

  2. Even though its most likely different circumstances, I can relate. Theres never a break and a lot of the time no one to help you up but sometimes its hard for people to help if they don’t know anythings happening.

  3. Yeah this poem was very good because i can
    relate very much. A girl i thought was a friend
    but i realized its a lie so i really like this
    poem and I gave it to her. thank you so much
    Sincerely Amber

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