Should I follow my heart <3

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How do I express the feelings in my heart?
How do I express everything in my mind?
I don’t want to lose you; it’s too much to take,
I don’t wanna have to walk away someday,
I just want to think that nothing ever happens,
But my heart and mind have different thoughts,
My heart says yes and my mind says no,
They say follow your heart because it takes you through the right path,
Some say follow your mind because it knows what’s going to happen next,
But everything in life is like a test, all you got to do is take a guess,
To find those words I left unspoken, and try again to see it working,
Should I follow my heart I ask myself, it’s nothing to lose but too much to take,
If one wrong step and I choose you, what will happen to us two?
Will it keep us closer now, or will it be the same somehow??

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