I see a darkened land

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I sit in the corner
With my broken heart
All you see is a mourner
I see a world torn apart

My tear drips to the floor
And no one’s there to catch it
cannot see the point anymore
Why would they care about it

I lay on my bed
Holding my own hand
All you see is a lonely girl
I see a darkened land

I stand in the empty room
Full of empty feeling
You see a girl full of gloom
I see a darkened ceiling

I swing
Hanging from a rope
You see an empty corpse
I see a new beginning

20 thoughts on “I see a darkened land”

  1. Hey dude..I LOVED that…its soo good. Is your name really Jaden? I think that name is soo pretty! Anyways..ur poem kicks ass..keep it up

  2. I really loved your poem and its the cover of my poem book don't worry i put your name on it
    It's one of the most beautiful poems I've ever read in my life!

  3. I very much like the poem, you managed to find
    rhythm and flow to make it readable, and
    also got to explain a well-declared message.
    Im not a person of much words but yes, this poem
    has touched me deeply…
    thank you for publishing it and hope to see more
    of your work in the future~*

  4. wow that’s deep and i agree with every itty bitty lil bit of it
    except 4 the vry last line
    sure its a new begining.. but not a good one…
    plz read the comment i i made to Chris Randall's poem:
    “but inside im crying”
    it surely goes to use just as well

  5. Wow, this poem obivously took some motivation.
    I'm really astounded that you can really reach inside of yourself like that and put it into words.
    Keep up the awesome poems!!

  6. heyz, liked you poem a lot!! actually i came accross it as i was searching for poems, i wanted a poem that explains my current state, feeling so alone, ignored…. i was wondering if i can publish your poem on my page, it's:
    if you wann check it out (^_^)

  7. that's a rip off. it's a great poem but maybe you shouldn't just copy poems that are other peoples. if you want to write poetry write something that reflects you and not someone else's feelings. i'm pretty fuked off that you can't come up with something of your own.

  8. It was so heart-touching poem … the words clearly expressed your inner feelings and I can clearly see how touching your poem is as it has touched many hearts and that’s the only reason which made to comment on your poem … My words would fell short if I start praising for your work … It was GREAT … Please do share more of your poems … like me many others too would be waiting for your next poem…

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