Sorry for What I’m Gonna do

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Sometimes I just feel like I wanna die
or curl up in a corner and cry
sometimes I just lie to myself and say every thing is fine
that every thing will change in time
i’ll sit there and wait
stare at these walls and disintegrate
never look back to see
what a person I will come to be
life is crawling up my spine
and I feel I’m running out of time
you look at me in disgrace
but I just cannot run the race
I wanna run away
cuz I have nothing left to say
I almost feel sorry for wut I’m gonna do
cuz the vision I see is you
I dont hate you and you’re not the 1 to blame
my feelings just aren’t the same

31 thoughts on “Sorry for What I’m Gonna do”

  1. Hey, I think this poem is the best, its sooo
    powerful hey. It just made me think about it
    and it really hit me like a rock.
    It's a great poem! I love it!

  2. Wow.. sometimes you have to read something like that to make you realize what kind of person you have really come to be.. and its so sad cuz this poem pertains to me…

  3. I loved this poem alot…… honestly I’ve written one
    just like this! I think that’s why i like it so much,
    but i also love writing peoms,anyway this peom
    was so G-R-E-A-T!!!! thank you, goodbye

  4. I don't know what your going through but trust
    me I’ve been there and done that. just hang
    in there i love your poem and i think you are a good
    writer. just hang on and keep going don't
    give up. I think all you need is a hand to hold on to
    and i'm here I’ve a lot of friends that are probably
    are going through the same thing and i'm there for
    them. They tell me that they love having me there
    well if you need someone to talk to just e-mail me
    I kinda understand that you just want to die but
    don't do something you will later regret. Well
    peace outz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Kelly V.*

  5. this is the best poem that I ever read…I can relate to this cuz I been there and done that and its hard to take back all the things that you been doing but that juss how life is…keep up the good work and keep writin your heart out cuz you never know whats gonna come your way in the future….GREAT JOB…im out of thes mug..peace love a-town!!!!!!!

  6. OMG! I LOVE YOUR POEM SO MUCH!! TODAY… THIS DAY IS HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW!! I give IT A 100!! I really do Love your poem… :)

  7. The beginnin of this poem is exactly how I feel now,
    its not over a man, its my mom, but I feel like Im nothin
    and never will be good enough


  9. HEy. This is a really good poem….The poem sounds jus like i went through and still am. I wrote a poem jus like it lol….buh any ways good poem byye

  10. OMG!!! I totally agree w/this poem…..I just hurt my BF so
    much and now im in prison of sorrow where only my faith can hold me together.
    sheesh……..well thank you alot that poem actually really helped!

  11. omg i love your poem its so awsome i hope
    u r ok what ever its that your going threw
    i totaly undrestand what your going threw cause
    right now im going threw the same sitution
    and the matter affect i liked your poem so much
    that i just sent your poem to a man that’s deepley in
    love with me but i do not feel the same so hopefully
    he understands soory you have 2 here about my life
    soI will let you go oh by the way i write poems my self

  12. Hey wuzzup?well its 4:51 and i just finished reading your poem and i thought it was really cool.i loved how it rhymed and how much sense it made to me! WELL KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

    always yuri

  13. it was a wonderful poem and it was just how i feel.
    Im 12 years old .
    I’ve always wanted to write a poem goodbye now

  14. this poem is like so how i a way good poem and
    it feels good to see that maybe there are people who sometimes feel the
    way i do.

  15. well i've been helping out to firends with this situation and you knnow what i know we all want to die cuz of the problem but its not the right solution


  16. i like it I’ve many connections so i don’t know maybe you can email me and send me some other poems so i can read for fun don’t worry i wont steal them or anything im not like that goodbye

  17. your poem says it all.that’s me all time just wanting 2 curl up an cry / die,
    i praise you for all poems you may do and courage you get 2 do them

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