That New Path

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Ain’t my sorrow enough,

Trust me I’m not pulling a bluff,

See I want these little chimes that chime lively,

Little chimes,

Oh little chime that vibrates my mind,

You don’t sound the same,

Now your sound is plain,

Beaten down like a lame,

But still I remain,


Even though the picture is totally painted in dark purples and red,

Instead of green, yellow, and red,

See that red will always be there,

That red will always be near,

Red is red so red won’t always be clear,

I want that picture to be painted beautifully on your canvas,

But if its not then I’m not mad shit,

I stick by your music chime,

Just put a couple blunts in line,

So I could stay in line,

Before my patience runs out of time,

Rewind to when your canvas was pure,

No stain from these lames that make me unsure,

Whoever added paint to your canvas, I’m declaring war,

I understand those colors even though I didn’t meet them before,

Your canvas is beautiful,

Who wouldn’t want to paint,

When I saw those new colors I almost resorted to a faint,

See but the truth is that those colors were already painted,

They’ve stained your canvas,

All I’m asking for is a┬áplace to put my paint,

I want your canvas to myself,

But if I can’t have it all than I’ll be good with just a spot,

To paint in,

And hopefully its special,

Little chime chiming while dangling over this beautiful canvas,

I love that canvas,

Its almost perfect,

I want to be apart of your canvas,

Even if there maybe some defects,

 Like how you neglect my paint,

See I still respect your canvas,

I just hope that your canvas can trust that I’ll paint on it gracefully

One thought on “That New Path”

  1. Was it a short beautiful documentary film on PAINTING :) … I don’t know but I felt every emotions which you laid over here in terms of painting … I really loved the way you expressed your feelings in a unique way like this and add to that the rhyme did the magic :) … Your poem actually touched my heart friend … and I sincerely wish you the best of things in your life ….

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