I love him now I will love him forever

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I had a special someone
who was always there for me.
he helped me out when i was sad
and made me happy and glee
but then one day
on the floor i lay
cause i found out he was gone
so there i cry
hoping i die
because i have nothing left to live for.
then out of the blue
came something new
a letter with my name on it
i read it once
i read it twice
because this letter i read made me feel nice.
it’s a letter from him
My boy Tim
telling me he’s ok
it says heaven is great
i just cannot wait
until you come and see it with me
but not too soon
not until my moon
has turned into the sun
I love him now
i’ll love him forever
and when i die
we’ll be together.

11 thoughts on “I love him now I will love him forever”

  1. Hey nice poem…I can soo relate to it! well neway i love it..hehe i printed it off for myself cuz i love it..Neway goodbye

  2. oh my god, this poem is so great, it reminds me of josh, the mani lost, i love him so, but he had to go, in my arms he had to die, with his soul my love will lie, he made me feel complete, and someday we will again meet!!!!

  3. this poem is juz like my life story… i believe that that someday we'll be together again in heaven.
    i juz have to hold on to our eternal love… have faith and hold on… true love never dies!

    “death does not't stop true love it only delays it a little while”

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