You'll always be more special

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All he’s left you, is confusion and emptiness.
I don’t understand why things went wrong, when I tried my very best.
I know that some things happened, and I may have failed my test.
But just know that you will always be more special than the rest.

21 thoughts on “You'll always be more special”

  1. She left you when you were still in love. its sad. You didn’t get the chance to be out of love. You will always love her. its sad for those who will be in love with you in the future. Such is life.

  2. hey i really enjoy your site i just love reading and mostly writing i love men that write how they feel i really want to know if you have a poems for me and i really don’t want to read all of the poems and did you write then your self well goodbye bye for now see you

  3. Hey Noel me encannotan your poems tienes corazon para escribir those kinds of poems y eso poemas solo se pueden escrbir cuando te pas yo lo se porque haci es como yo me inspiro pa escrir algunos poemas pero mis poemas no son comparacion con los tuyos.Dime como escribir poemas tan bonitos.And keep writing those poems keep it up.

  4. hey noel…just wanted to say im going through a breakup n damm your poems r soo nice. just wanted to say you gota lil talent there. keep up the good work////

  5. Hey noel… good job on this poem, its really touching. But i think you could have written a better poem,
    I'm 14 and i can write a WAY better poem than this…
    but good job.

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