I love him so

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I met this guy,
At high school,
From my mates primary,
I think he’s cool.

Now I feel,
I love him so,
But the trouble is,
I don’t want him to know.

During the summer holidays,
He said I annoyed him,
Him not talking to me,
Made my life very dim.

I couldn’t sleep at night,
Will he talk to me again?
My heart was broken,
I was left in pain.

He called me,
To make peace,
Which I must say,
Made me very relieved.

He’s a special guy,
Like no other I’ve met,
If I don’t tell him my feelings,
Im afraid I might regret.

He’s more than what,
I could ever imagine,
Great personality,
Polite and charming.

I’ve never had a boyfriend,
But I’ve never felt like this,
I hate weekend’s now,
Because I miss,
The most perfect guy..

4 thoughts on “I love him so”

  1. hey this poem was reallly good and i could tell it came from your heart because it went straight to mine. I can relate to your poem. and i love it.

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