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Love Lasting,
I guess you could call it a thing,
4 yrs it carried,
And now it’s all trying to be buried,
My first real love,
Got lost above,
And threw everything away,
There was nothing more to say,
After so many times he broke my heart,
It was like a shooting dart,
So many times,
So many crimes,
To much to handle,
So now here I am starting brand new,
Always wondering how I really got threw,
Now it’s hard to trust,
Even though I know I must,
But after the past,
How long will the truth last,
I always get hurt,
I always feel like I’m just dirt,
Are there people out there that are true,
I truly wish I knew,
I want to be happy,
And not sappy,
I want someone to be true to me,
Please help me see,
Make me believe there’s good not only bad,
Because bad is all I ever had,
I always go for those bad boys,
That are like little toys,
That just play and play,
And there’s nothing you can say,
There’s nothing you can do,
Or they’ll just forget all about you and be like who?
Like they never knew,
I just want to live my life,
And stop being stabbed with a knife,
Right where my heart is.
I just need to free my mind,
And really look what I need to find,
Im sick of being sad,
And that’s what I feel like that all I have ever had,
Now I want to start brand new,
And find my one true Boo.

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