My wish for a friend like you will never end

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I wished for a wish.
I wished for you.
You came into my life
…My wish came true.
I met you as a stranger.
I took you as a best friend.
Until i go to heaven…
My wish will never end!

21 thoughts on “My wish for a friend like you will never end”

  1. this poem is so heart touching its the best poem iv read so far i luv it PLEASE keep on writing these poemns DOT stop!!!!!

  2. i love that poem but just for me not my bes friend that i HATE!! her name is caitlyn she doesint deserve his poem!!!!xxx

  3. That poem is so true jenny and i (my best friend) are alwayz telling eachother that! we will alwayz be best friends even when we get to heaven i lovethat poem peace!! much love

  4. i loved dat poem like crazy and so did my Boricua frenz neva stop ritin poems dat tight so yeah neways my fellow Boricuas (my frrenz ova here) say dat they loved da poem so yeah hollaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mira hispano que te pasa?????????????/

  5. hey hun!!That poem was like tha bomb..And for all hose stupid assholes in this world that didn’t put their vote on here they are as gay as it gets!! I really loved your poem it fits me and my best friend Missie so right!!thank you so VERY MUCH for putting that poem on here!!KEEP UP THA GOOD WORK!! Lots of LOVE!!Tiphanie

  6. There are many poems that you read
    This is the kind of poem my heart needs
    Reading this is like having hope
    That one day I will see the rope
    Where will it take me
    I’ve not a single clue
    All I want is to see you

  7. Hey, I love this poem. Although its kind of short,
    it brings such great meaning. This is a terrific poem,
    keep up the good work, you're great at poetry.

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