First Love

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I can’t get you out of my head
It’s weighing my body down like lead
Im thinking about you twenty-four/seven
You used to make me feel like I was in heaven
My heart feels like it’s breaking
I can’t stop it from aching
Why can’t I move on from you
We have already said adieu
I didn’t want to give you my heart
It began to happen from the start
You were my first and so far only love
In the end you pushed me away with a shove
You’ve hurt me too much to go back to you
Yet I can’t stop thinking of all we’ve been through
I remember us laying out under the stars
Jumping away from each other when we heard the cars
When you held me in your arms you kept me warm
I was protected from everything, even a storm
You made me laugh, you made me smile
My time with you was completely worthwhile
I have tried so hard to forget and move on
I hate knowing from my life you are gone
I trusted you with everything I had
Because, boy, you made me so glad
I don’t think I will ever forget you
We were great together, us two.

2 thoughts on “First Love”

  1. That\’s a Special poem, \”First Love\”, I really enjoyed it:)
    Thank you for sharing your poems

  2. i think we all will remember our first is so nice to be in love for the first time but when it ends it is so hard to accept and it is so painful. nice poem

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