Goodbye Lover

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Here in your arms.
Im where I wanna be.
Everything I know
Is reflected in you and me
The waves crash on our feet
I see you drifting away
Don’t chase him says my brain
But my heart feels a different way
Everything I know
Everything I see
Everything I feel
It’s all
You and me
You’re farther away now
I can’t see into your eyes
But I know that our souls
Keep us safe
Together forever
So when you feel lonely
Think about today
How we watched the sunset
And the waves drift you slowly away
I will try to be strong
But it won’t last for long
Because you were too good to be true
When it was you and I
Well now you’re gone
And I never said goodbye
So goodbye my love
Goodbye my friend
Goodbye my lover
This is truly the end.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Lover”

  1. How nice!
    The motions
    Of the oceans
    Touch our hearts
    Tearing apart,
    Follow a strict sense
    And still suggest romance!

  2. It touched my heart … your poem raises a question on my mind … whether my love would be still missing me as the same way I am missing her … And I never got an answer for this … Like you there are many people in this world who just listen to their heart rather than mind … As most of the time our heart speaks the truth! But I never had the courage like you to say good bye :( … somewhere the love for her still exists in me … Anyway it was a good read thank you for sharing it :)

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