Broken Heart

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When your eyes met mine,
my heart began to shine.
When you smiled at me,
I knew it was destined for us to be.
When you gave me your heart full of love,
I threw my arms around you and gave you a hug.
When you told me we would be together,
I believed you and didn’t want to leave you ever.
One day something happened,
you broke my heart and smacked it.
You shattered my poor heart,
you lied to me just to look smart.
When you did that,
I saw you like a rat.
Months later you want me back,
too bad honey, trash I throw, I don’t take back.
I loved you,
well, I still do.
But you hurt me
and I don’t want us to ever be.
When I see you I wanna die
cuz I remember how I used to cry.
I love you,
but I know that your love isn’t true.

2 thoughts on “Broken Heart”

  1. I really enjoyed your poem. I am sorry that this has happened to you, however I think that your using your mind, rather than your heart, because you don\’t want to get hurt anymore and I don\’t blame you one bit!! I hope that you keep the poems coming, because you are a good writer:) Thank you for sharing with everyone!!! Take care of yourself

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