A friend like you

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You stray into my thoughts,
and I recall how many times you have held my hand
and guided me through the darkness
and showed me the light.
Then I think of the laughter you gave to me,
the smiles you brought to my eyes,
and the warmth you poured into my heart.

For those many gifts you have offered me,
I feel compelled to give something in return.
But what gift is worthy of such a friend like you?

I dig deep into my personal traits that make me me.
None of them seems just right.
For right now this is all I can give.
So please just sit tight.

8 thoughts on “A friend like you”

  1. This poem is really sweet and i love all the poems out of love is lonly but mostly i like the best freinds poems thanku 4 reading cya

  2. I loved the poem and poems! i sent one to my
    best friend and she loved it! please do not stop
    writing them they bring light to my darkest
    days :)

    love: Madison.H

  3. hey i like this poem a lot I’ve a friend that this
    reminds me a lot about i really think
    you should keep making
    poems you are really

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