Life is

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Life is full of memories
With family and best friends who care
But of course we have enemies
And those we don’t care to share
Life is full of love
Whether it be good or bad
If it’s good, you soar like a dove
If it’s bad, you’re just very sad
Life is what you want it to be
You make your own decisions
What you do is what we see
So don’t make it look like a bad incision
Go down your path of life
And you will find your inside
You may soon find your husband or wife
When you find that special one, hope they will abye

4 thoughts on “Life is”

  1. this is a really interesting poem it makes you think of the future
    and how every decition you make will have a impact on youre future and how you live youre life!!!!
    great poem you shoul write some more!!!!

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