A new life

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When I start to think about you I feel happy,
Tears of joyness roll down my cheek,
I always hoped for you to be by my side,
So that we can play and enjoy ourselves,
Even though the distance between us is very long,
We are always bond together by our hearts,
When I see you through my eyes,
My heart starts to beat faster,
I don’t know the reason for this change,
But I am overjoyed by this feeling,
When the first time I met you,
You were just a simple and friendly boy,
But when the moment you said the three words,
I was totally blank without knowing what to say,
The pain in my heart starts to ease,
When you just told that three nice words,
And it was a nice feeling being with you,
As before this I went through a lot of pain,
My life seemed to change since I’m not being overcontrolled,
I get to enjoy myself,
For me life is short,
And as time flies, we should enjoy our life for the better,
You have given me a new life,
A life which is worth living,
A life that should be shared with you,
I hope that you are always there for me,
Even though you and I are far away and seldom meet each other,
But let it always be you and me FOREVER……..

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