Follow Your Dreams

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Wasn’t there a day when you were young,
taking orders and holding your tongue?
Wanting to prove you have what it takes
knowing you will make it, despite your mistakes.Wasn’t there a time when you fell in love,
the kind of love one only dreams of.
And wasn’t there those who had some doubts
before knowing what it was all about?

So hear me when I say I think it’s unfair
when all you say is that we’re going nowhere.
And it’s unfair how you can already decide
the future of my life and how I feel inside.

You say don’t become a statistic as you stereotype my face.
You think you know me yet cannot put yourself in my place,
trying to follow dreams and follow them through,
with everyone saying they’re too good to be true.

8 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams”

  1. This poem reminds me of times when others doubt me accomplishing my dreams and goals…it reminds me to keep going. Good job!

  2. I really like your poem. It meant so much to me. You will never know. I would love to hear some more of your poems. Do you have anymore i could read? It would mean alot.

  3. the poem was great it brung back memories that i tried so hard to earse
    but i know that not getting over them was gonna cause more pain and heart ache in the end

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