Miss Dad

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I would call out “Daddy”
when was angry, scared or sad.

When I thought Jennifer was hogging you,
you would stay with me like glue.

You’d talk to me, tell me don’t be scared,
I could always tell you cared.

When my friends were mad at me you’d stay throughout the night,
you would be there for me and hold me tight.

You were someone I loved that I could call,
you would help me when I would fall.

You’d kiss my boo boo and make it better,
when I went to camp you’d write me a letter.

You would write how much you loved me
and said that with you I wish I could be.

While I was reading I would grin
as I would wish the same back to him.

We would play games for hours on end,
whenever I had a broken heart you would mend.

In restaurants while waiting to go,
we would play tic-tac-toe to get three in a row.

I wish that you would walk through the door,
because I miss you more and more.

I know that you are in a better place,
but I am selfish in this case.

I wish that I could have you back in my arms,
to see your special smile and charms.

I miss your smile, your care, your love.
You remind me of a precious dove.

I love you with all my heart,
but you’ve known that from the start.

I know the world will still go on,
even though my loved one’s gone.

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