Beautiful Wife

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For my beautiful wife

You come to me like a shining star from the starry sky
Giving me guiding light and inspiration is my darkest night
Making me sing a new melody at lonesome days as it passes by
Taking away weariness, with your beautiful smiles

You’re the sunshine that sprouts seeds at twilight of my life
That brings new vision, new challenges to live without strife
As your nocturnal cries awaken the birds to fly high and be free
Unafraid of whatever strong winds that may come their way

You’re the rain that washes away the pain of my haunting past
Keeping me dry with your warm thoughts and lively eyes
Where colorful butterflies give beautiful thoughts for tomorrow
That paints enchanting, magnificent rainbow in my new heaven

Thy laughter and mimicry is a cool breeze that fans streams
To perk up waterfalls around me to strum sonorous rhythm
Sharing sonata to the valleys and hills that are dry and lifeless
Liken to my heart that needs love, sympathy, care and praises

Oh! How blessed am I to have you my beautiful wife
Abundant oasis of hope that waters henceforth life’s emptiness
Ushering in more blessings of love, peace and success in me
Had been elusive in years I lived in lifelessness and shame!

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