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It’s people like you,

That drive me insane.

That make me punch and scream,

And cause myself pain.

Im just a hormonal teenager,

With a life full of doubts,

That’s where the knife comes in.

I slice up and down,

And in and out.

All there is, is drama,

And many different boys.

But they don’t want to be sentimental.

All they want,

Is for you to be their toys.

They kiss and hug you,

And say they’ll think about stuff.

But instead they go flirt,

And they can never get enough.

Even when people point out,

What your doing right there.

You say you’re no doing nothing,

And that I shouldn’t care.

So I pretend nothing’s wrong,

And I don’t see you with them,

But inside Im falling apart,

And I’ll never know,

When it’ll end.

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