This is Sjogrens

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No one seems to care
The pain I’m in
Everyone goes their way
Not a care in the world

I am in pain
Day in day out
Pain wracks my body
Sometimes less
Sometimes more

Still no one cares
Eyes dry, mouth dry
I cry, but tears are sparse
Drink, drink, drink. Water

Pain in my joints
Stiff and sore
Tiredness, fatigue
No matter how much I sleep
It does no good

Put on a smile
A brave face
For the world to see
But when I talk of the pain
They cut me off
call me strong
That I am doing so well
They just don’t want
to hear of the pain

No one to talk to
No one to understand
Alone, in this
Alone in the world

When will this stop
When will I feel better
Never, this is my life
From now on
This is Sjogrens

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