Led Astray

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It’s strange that many of us know yet don’t see

that the sky has painted a darker color over the blue sky.

Growth has come anew like a forming divergent path

in the meadow of the fields leading to broad expectations;

yet I can’t help but remember when days were simpler

like the fields of flowers with harvesting bugs and animals.

It must be me only that no one else seems to notice

that this destruction in us is so self-absorbent.

Not a single compassion seen in the light of day

to the dark night of whispering heaves.

What has happen to the strive of showing affection

when love is glassed over above us not to be seen?

Have we become dull like the dry meadow we destroy?

Have we been led astray from that blinding light

that we choose to become corrupted?

Oh, humanity. What have become of us in the end

that we choose greed over kindness?

Don’t let us disappear like the raindrops,

in which they evaporate into thin air.

Let us water and nurture humanity back to tenderness

like when holding hands used to be a sign of friendship.

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