What is Love

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When you are happily in love, love is great
Love is flowers and love is forever;
Love is home and love is hope;
Love is kind and love is care;
Love is smile and love is sweet;
Love is true and love is real

When you are sadly in love
Love is lonely, love is lies;
Love is hate and love is hurt;
Love is past and love is pain;
Love is sad and love is scared;
Love is fear and love is tear;
Love is cry and love is goodbye;
Love is heart broken and love is over

Love is all but love is just a dream by another name
When you are happily in love, love is a sweet dream
When you are sadly in love, love is a nightmare
Worry no more; you will wake up

5 thoughts on “What is Love”

    1. Let’s wake them up; here’re the tips:

      1. Realize that you are in fact dreaming.
      2. Change a nightmare to a good dream.
      3. Wake up if you cannot change the dream; it’s time to leave.
      4. Wake up again; it’s time for Plan B.

  1. easy to be said than done
    easy to hide and run
    not always everything goes
    as you wished and planned
    you should know this
    and hope you’ll understand
    pax ticum! my dear

    1. The difficulty is not the excuse not to say. Many people do wake up from nightmares, think about why they happened and how to avoid them but some just repeat them.

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