“She Loves Me Not”

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She loves me… she loves me not.


On the corner of the street, you catch my eye.

You are the most beautiful person,

I’ve ever seen.

At the back of the room, you steal my heart.

You are the brightest thing here.

I have never seen such a beautiful thing.


You have stolen my heart,

And you can either return it,

Or keep it for yours in return.


I love you as if there was no sun,

And the world has drifted far away,

And there was no one but you and me.

I love you without question, for you are

Everything; my best friend and my darling.

And though you do not love me back,

And though I love you more and more each day,

It is okay. It is okay that you do not feel

My heart’s longing, for that is something

I cannot make you feel.


But darling, there is no way I will never tell you

That I love you. For I cannot see myself without

Trying in the least. And if there was no sun, you

Would be my sun; and if our world had drifted far away,

You would be my world anew.


I love you darling; I love you through pain,

Love through laughter, love

Through heartbreak, love

Through and through.


I love you and miss you when I dream,

For my day with you, even if

It is only one glimpse, far outdoes my

Wildest dream.

I love you in the peril of my heart,

And the quiet of my soul.


There is no way in which

I do not love you. I love you

Despite your faults, for you

Are not perfect without them.

When I love you, it is not

Because you are without them, but

Because you have them, for perfection

Is not being without faults, but learning

To love you through them. And that is why you

Are perfect to me in every way.


I am deprived of you, my darling.

I am sick with love, sick

Without aid,

Without remedy,

Without cure.

For there is nothing I can take

That will make me stop loving you

In every way.


From the first moment I met you,

From the last moment I saw you,

And everything in between,

I have loved you as if you were already mine,

And as if you had been for a very long time.

And though you are not, though you may

Never be, there is nothing you can do

That will stop me from loving you.


If my heart will get the best of me,

While I am left without the best of you

Then I may never love someone again,

At least, not as I love you.

I love your laughter as a sweet and budding flower.

I love your smile as the sun pours across your skin,

And the waves in the back roll in, seamlessly,

Endlessly, I love you, and the sun sets its

Eye above the horizon, and you smile

And laugh and love the moment

You are in, for it is perfect, just as you are,

And before the sun fades away, know that

Its true, that I love you, I do.


Everything I do is for you, so you will love me

In return, for I have tried far too hard

For far too long, and I cannot bear

the pain of never loving you if you will not love me.


Still know, that though this may be the truth,

A truth I despise with everything that I have,

I will love you till my heart beats no more,

And the waves cease to roll, and the moon falls

From the sky. I’ll love you till the sun burns out,

And every star has faded from view, and nothing is

Left. And though nothing remains, I will still love you yet,

For you are everything I have, everything I hold onto,

And one day, you may just understand how much

You mean to me my darling.

2 thoughts on ““She Loves Me Not””

  1. While reading this poem only one face can to my mind (my love) and some of your lines actually made me think … God this has happened with me too :)… I mean love is such a beautiful thing in this world which can make any person go crazy and make him do anything for his princess just to see her happy … But one thing I need to say… Keeping loving till your heart gets exhausted ;)… One day that person will surely understand … you’re the man … and only you could make her feel … the ‘LOVE’ … I am thankful to you for sharing this … and I hope you come up with more such great poems :) … thanks again :)

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