Ode to Jenna

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Her heart full of kindness, of caring, compassion.
Her smile, a pleasure, sincere and so warm.
Her laughter, like music, delightful to hear.
Her eyes, wide and luminous, reflects what’s inside.
Her voice, soft and gentle, yet somehow it’s strong,
mirrors the strength from within.
Her manner is poised, tho’ sometimes unsure
as she continues to learn who she is.
Her mind is a wonder, so sharp, so receptive,
her talents are many, some yet undiscovered.
Her emotions are varied but she strives to be happy.
When she speaks, she speaks truth,
there is no guile in her.
These are parts of her character, some things I’ve perceived.
Often times I do wonder why others don’t see what I see.
And often times I do wonder if this young woman knows,
herself, what I know.
Those who are special are rare, hard to find.
a true gift to this world from the heavens above.

One thought on “Ode to Jenna”

  1. Your poem must be inspired; it also shows a hidden talent. Keep up
    the good work and try to keep conditions and circustances from
    interfering …. wjtsr.. 7/22/2010

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