Love me

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Please let me take a journey through your mind,
to find the emotions you always seem to hide.
Loving you is all I want, I won’t hurt you,
I just want to feel the emotions you go through.
it’s not that I don’t love you, let me count the ways,
I often sit and think of you through my lonely days.
You could be my all, if I need someone to lean on,
should I stumble, should I fall.
It’s just every time I climb the mountain, I always seem to fall.
Am I missing something? is it me?
I only wish you could see what I see,
I mean you no wrong, it’s just your love, your touch that I long.
is this too much?
It’s my heart you’ve seemed to touch,
I’d love for you to love me,
the kinda love you can see.
For now I guess it’ll stay hid,
this to me is my only wish.
as this is a wish, I guess it’s safe to say,
I love you tomorrow than I do today.

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