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It was a cold, windy night,
all surrounded by light.
It wasn’t the best of years,
as it all ended in tears.

It was dull, wet and very grey,
nothing to do but sit and pray.
As my granddad was very ill,
then that night he just stopped still.

The feeling you cannot explain,
but you could see, he was no longer in pain.
He was warm, still and had colour,
but after an hour his colour turned to sorrow.

Then the men came and took him away,
‘Why’? is all I could say.
After the days had past,
I got to see him at last.

I can still see him now,
all dressed in a suit,
He felt as hard as marble, I wondered how?

Then the final day approached,
no more granddad, I got ill but managed to cope.
I still remember the person he was,
the laugh’s, the jokes and the love he had for us,
I’ll never forget or give up hope,
that I’ll meet him again,
until then I’ll have to cope

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