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I know I’ve hurt you,
and every thing I say, you think is untrue.
You may of been mistaken you may of been mislead,
Its miss judgment of what I said.
So please let me explain again,
I wish you no sorrow, I wish you no pain,
happiness is all I ask.
living in a world of drugs, will it last?
drugs are no good,
look at who? and what you’ve lost??
It will suck you in at any cost.
The green eye’d monster at its best,
its either jail or laid to rest.
What ever the out come that’s up to you?
don’t you just wish you had control in what you do??
Same routine day in, day out,
underneath wanting to scream and shout.
I cannot be 2nd best, I refuse,
going for a hit in the lady’s loo’s.
Not knowing whether you have gone over or you’re alright?
Living a life of fear and fright.
I know your love will be deprived,
As gear at its best is your life.
I want to love and to be loved,
no 2nd hand goods.
So now have I made it clear to you?
there is no future in us too.

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