The Ultimatum

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She came to me
Shedding her tears
Holding her fears
She cried in my dream
While I cry for real

She hugged me warmly
She asked me gently
If she can love me
If she can have me
I let silence speak for me
“If you’re not the one
No one else can ever be”

A shy smile was drawn
Down on her pretty face
Wiping out her tears
Diminishing her fears
Hand in hand we were
With love embraced there

The sun is rising up
Don’t make the silence last
Please scream She’s fading away
Scream for me I’m weeping in violence
I’m falling under her sweet subservience
I’m being taken-over by confusion
Was it real or just another illusion?

Tonight’s dream was the ultimatum
Telling me that I shall carry on
Wish I can go back there again
Though Its aching I can’t complain
Wish I can bring her out someway
Dear Lord if you please try to obey

I’m captivated by:
My tragical reality
and my fictional insanity
She’s my ultimate necessity
My Inevitable tranquility
She’s my blood pumping machine

Forever here I will stand
Waiting to re-hold her hand

Hold Her Hand
I will never keep my love out
I will never let her in doubt
A dream lingers in my vision
An angel drives my precision
I am Love’s convict
and she is my eternal prison….

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