I’m really sorry

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I guess it is too late…
You weren’t lying at all…
Now that Im replaced…
No reason to stand tall…
I wish this didn’t happen…
You found another one…
I didn’t mean to get in the way…
Im really sorry…
Guess you and me are done

29 thoughts on “I’m really sorry”

  1. I honestly didn’t like this poem, sorry… but um
    try to make more sense… trust me i write poems
    and im getting published… this will not get you
    anywhere.. thank you, DUde!!!

  2. I loved this poem, it relates exactly to what happened to me. this is one of the best sorry poems I’ve found. Keep up the good work, don’t mind what the other person said, you will be good in life.

  3. Hey i loved this poem i write poems and i thought it
    was really good. screw the other person this poem
    will end up probably getting somwhere very famous
    hey well keep up the good work and when anyone
    wants to put you down like “dude” then tell them to

  4. i seriously did like this poem! don't worry bout that otha person she doesn't kno wut shes talkin bout! it shows how strongly it hurts when you lose someone for someone else! good job

  5. I think that you need to add more to your poem. i just have 1 question do you write poems ror the fun of it or do you really mean them?

  6. i love this peom i think its great…i know that i been thru that and done that but sometimes it's hard to get back what you want but juss gonna keep movin on wit yo life..KEEP UP THA GOOD WORK….IM OUTZ!!!!!!!!.

  7. Hey that poem's really nice and
    it's so nice to me
    because i can relate
    to it keep writing i mean I write too
    and you're the first person
    I've ever considered criticizing

  8. I really like this poem alot….Some people just don’t know good poetry when they read it…. Plus that dude probably is jealous because he can't write something that good, don't let ppl bother u…. Write everyday it will eventually get you somewhere in life… Great job on this poem:)

  9. Awh… this is sad.. I like this poem and i think its sad too… b/c that just happend to me w/ my friend… now, I don't know what to do:( I miss him

  10. hey at least she was tryin no matter how hard you try and complish this you will suceed i reall like this poem screw the other man he doesn't know sqwat or he wouldn't be even talkin

  11. these poem is really great!
    i'm going thru alot, because my boyfriend cheating
    on me with another chick, and i read
    and felt the words of your poem and
    i felt that the poem was made just for me.

  12. i reely liked th poem…it has to do with th exact same friendship I’ve with a friend of mine, wut would you do in this situation????thank you email me with any answers1!!

  13. Hi I think that your poem is fantastic girl!
    you rock! keep it up! hit me back! Later, lanny
    and don’t mind that stupid dude comment. hes dumb! he just jealous cuz he aint got skills! hhaa


  15. omg…its like i rote it myself. it happend to me 2 n i no exactly how you feel n it hurts sooo bad. dnt it? nway its gd to no im not the only 1 but not so gd dat other ppl av to go thru so much pain 2 anyway thank you x x x

  16. heyy good job on this.
    i like it.
    ppl who don’t appreciate it are porbly just jelouse
    so don’t worry bout the haters.
    good job anyway.

  17. Firstly, you all have far too much time on your hands. Secondly this web site is hilariously over emotional, I would not be suprised if you are all drama queens.

  18. Im sorry but I agree with “dude” Im a poetry person and my teacher is sending my poems to someone so they can publish then but this poem wont get you anywhhere….sorry

  19. seriously.. i love your poem.. screw those who criticize you..
    just keep up the good work and continue writing poems to
    express what you feel..

  20. I read this and it really made me sad. It reminded me
    of me and my -EX- that im soo in love with still and
    im not ready to get over but he likes another girl
    and there is nothing i can do to change his feelings!

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