There she was

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I used to feel like life didn??t matter
Like I was just on another platter
I never understood life and its meaning
I just walked around pretending
Didn??t care what people were thinking
Only problem was my drinking
Then I met you and things disappeared
And all of a sudden there was nothing to be feared
It??s like the world stops as I fall to my knees
There??s no more stinging pain like the pain of a stinging bee
As the sun sets on your beautiful face
I??m thankful today I met a girl with amazing grace
How many times have we spoken
The many times I??ve captured your attention
I??ve done my best to treat you right
I believe I??ve succeeded night after night
Always keeping you in my sight
Making sure there??s no darkness and only light
You smile at me and I laugh
It??s not exactly science or math
Doesn??t take a genius to understand
That our love has a plan
Head over hills is what people say
But my dear you are my never-ending dream everyday
I don??t know that to say when I see you
I just can??t really express the truth
I feel a love connection now
I fell In love and please don??t ask how
I just knew I loved you from the start
Now it??s my mission for us never to be apart
I will condescend to make you speechless
So that you understand my love nevertheless
You are my queen and I??m your slave
I??ll love you my dear until the grave
Your wish is my every command
So I must give the love you demand
I??ve dreamed for this moment countless times
So again please hear what??s on my mind
I??ve come to my senses and realize
That I??ve found what I wanted all my life
I??ve found my one and only prize
And she??s been right here in front of my eyes
I love you angel

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