A great teacher

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I never really had a great teacher like Mr.Turk
He was my favorite teacher in math class
But the day in May he left our room and
I felt like he was gone
But the day in June he had come to visit us and
that made me feel fine but
by the time our class ever got to see him
he had already left to go back home
so since that day I felt like I lost him again
so Im still not happy after that day

13 thoughts on “A great teacher”

  1. hi i really love this poem i think its such a moving poem and i hope that you shared it with the teacher its about and thank you for displaying it so people like me can view it

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  3. iI relly liked my teacher because she tought me alot about different things she tought me how to be nice and how to never be mean to anyone and not be so mean

  4. i think you r sooo sweet to that teacher i bet he must have been the best you r so nice and i bet he misses all of you and if he knows you missed him the most then he missess you the most!!! and this is from a friend you don't know!!! and its all coming from my heart.

  5. I love this poem. I’ve a teacher here at my high school who is a very wonderful person
    this poem makes me think of him

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