It’s the One Person I Love

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There’s family and riches,
there’s money and fame.
but for all you horrid bitches,
this is no game.

The ones who cheat,
the ones who lie.
are the ones who will be beat
and will surely die.

Love is not as rare
as people say,
but it’s people who are madly in love
that make my day.

People claim
they adore someone,
but when they are gone
they are merely lame.

It’s the one person I love that moved away
left me here until one day,
when will I see him again? nobody knows
just keep thinking of him as I put on the shows.

Love him, hate him
it’s all the same
but it’s the one person
I’ll never forget, forgive or reclaim.

Because I think of Him

14 thoughts on “It’s the One Person I Love”

  1. hey Vanessa..its me again..i love these poems that you have written and its just amazing that someone our age could write and understand stuff like this…

  2. awwwwwww……. that’s such a nice and sad poem that ayou wrote and its wonderful I loved it and I just putted me in that position and I knew how it felt…… that was a good poem and enjoyable to read pluse it was very intersting…….GOOD LUCK…………..

  3. ThIz WaS a CooL PoEm 4ReaLz..I LikEd a lot And TheRe wasn’t Any BiG aSS WorDz That I CouLd BaReLy UnDerStanD So YeaH GooD Job girl

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