Do you notice me?

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I sit here alone in the night
wondering what is wrong with me
no one ever cares nor will they ever
there’s a hole in my heart waiting to be filled
I fight back the tears
hoping no one will notice
while at the same time I wish they would
Why doesn’t anyone notice?
Why cannot they see me for me?
and not some rumor that everyone believes
Do I need to change? should I change?
I used to think not
but now Im not so sure
they all rush past acting like I don’t exist
maybe I don’t
maybe I don’t allow myself to
What do I need to do to make you notice?
just once, one time
I want to feel like I belong
my heart is empty and it waits
for how long I ask…
a year? a month? tomorrow?
to me it seems like an eternity

28 thoughts on “Do you notice me?”

  1. There are so many ways inwhich i can relate to this
    poem, in everylife there are tyms wen you jst feel so
    alone and fink tht you r invisible to everyone around
    you! a great inspiration! fanx

  2. omg this poem speaks so much about me i feel soo alone all the time and i hate it atleast i kno Im not the only one thank you

  3. OMG, This is exactly how i feel,so alone and you just
    want to be noticed. Good to know i'm not the only one.
    Hope you got through it, at least some one will/has.

  4. I can so relate to this is so many ways.
    Life is hard and its like no one understands nor will they ever is what it feels like and all.
    I think that if people really wanted us around and all
    they would take more time to notcie then just not
    to and to walk away.

  5. no offence to the people who replied but
    how far have you all gone in sadness?
    do you know what the crazy place is like
    or how addicting its to cut yourself
    well i do so don't try to relate to something
    you have no clue about.

  6. This poem really seem to express how i feel sometimes….but i feel that i shouldnt have to change myself for others…if you don’t like me for me then don’t hang out with me, but don’t make fun of me for being myself. You will find a person who likes you for you, I haven’t yet, but I’ve hope…or at least I try to

  7. hun i can totally relate to this poem but remember you wont feel like this forever. When you feel at rock bottom the only way is up. Remember that. Fabulous poem says it how its and is.

  8. I don't see how you people can call this an “inspiration”?
    This is how people actually feel for god sakes.
    I find this to be very true for some people, but so very sad.
    I can totally relate to what your saying.
    It's who Im. A nobody

  9. this poem is kinda how i feel i feel alone n invisble but somethimes i fink i shud change 4 the people that don’t like me i spend most my days hiding n i put on a brave face but inside im weepin i avI will nesses from this feelin n its like im waiting 4 ever to be notied i rite my feelings into poems . i always said i wouldent change 4 any one i use to say apsept me 4 me as im no one eles there no point in hiding your self but if it makes it easier in my life im ganna have to your poem is amazing keep it up :) xxxxx

  10. oh my god,
    this is also another poem that suits me perfectly.
    i love this….
    i always felt that im invisible among my frens…
    with them i felt i don’t exist….
    i still love my frens…..

  11. yers i no wot you mean.. like im a 14 year old girl who
    isnt very pretty
    my friends r all really popular, right.. but im not!
    like when we have 2 hav partners in class .. all my friends
    go 2gether and i hav 2 go wiv some1 else
    they neva wait for me if i hav 2 go somewhere or nuffin!
    i feel as though i don’t exist or every1 cannot see me!
    that poem i guess helped me 2 see otha ppl
    feel da same way.. but the only thing for me is.. its too late

  12. This poem may aswell just be me.. its exactly how i feel everyday of my life.. at least I'm not the only one, but it sure feels like it

  13. thank you so much for writing this poem
    It makes me feel so much better, knowing that someone else in the world feels the same that I do. I really wish you would have put your name and email, because I really want to see some more of your works.

  14. hey i love this poem..lyk i can relate some how but not 100% n tha'ts wat grabs my attention the way others sufFer more then mi…it's great even the title and all don’t let no one change your feelings of this poem n if you realli feel this way jus think that your a veryy loveed person don’t need to b told as long as you love yourself….

  15. i can see your poem has touched
    so many people in so many ways.
    it wsa brave of you to come forth
    and write this poem about your life.
    you may not know just how many people
    lives youve changed with these words.
    but if you just don’t k now how to cope
    or if any of you need someone to listen
    im only an email away.

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