Live Another Day

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How come Im here?
taking up space
I don’t serve a purpose
I will never get a date
No one likes me
and I don’t like them
It all seems to me
one great big scam
They all smile acting like nothing’s wrong
but I know what they are thinking
why don’t you just run along….
They don’t want me here and
I think the same way
Let’s get outta here
Let’s run away
One day I will belong
You will see I say
I think to myself
“I hope Im right”
“I hope Im okay”
‘cuz I don’t think I will be able
to live another day

18 thoughts on “Live Another Day”

  1. Listen…Everyone has a purpose on Earth…Even if your “cool'…”a loser”…”nice or mean”…anything….if you were put on this earth….you have a reason to be here…everyone has a purpose…and I know I don't know who you are….but you will do your purpose..and it will make our world better…you don't take up space….you make our world better…remember that

  2. Of all the poems I’ve read lately, yours is the only one
    that has actually made me cry. I just broke down into tears
    as I read this. You have a gift with words, a way of evoking
    an emotional response from your reader. Please, keep
    writing. And keep on sharing what you write. thank you!

  3. your poem makes it sound like you are only sad
    because the man you like don’t like you back. That
    is stupid. people who “act” sad just for stupid
    reasons like that are dumb. people like you make it
    the reason while real depressed people are looked

  4. I love your poem I feel the same way. You should be proud that you can write poems and get the things you feel inside out because I know I cannot do that. I’ve held everything inside my whole life. I don’t know how to get rid of the pain and yet you can write it in a peom Im not that great at writing. I have a sister that does that but yet I don’t know how to. I hope life gets better for you.

  5. coming from my point of view
    this is a call for a friend or help.
    The only thing I can suggest is:
    don't start cutting and look for God.
    He is always with you and
    promises to never leave your side.
    if you truely need a friend
    let me be that person.
    your poem is a 10.
    oh and if you think i feelsorryfor you
    i don't
    i feel your pain and i don't want you
    to do the things i did.

  6. listen to depressed one.
    I’ve been threw the depression stage in
    my life.
    and im only 15 years old.
    i don’t want anyone to do what i did either.
    so i know where you men are coming from.

  7. listen, I’ve my share of ups and downs in my life
    and i know how they can effect others. Im not going
    to sit here and be optimistic on life because i know
    somtimes it sucks but there's always a postive where
    there's a negative And friends they just don’t grow on
    tree's man, you have to learn to like people. Even if they
    are different, “every stranger is a potential friend” so don’t
    let them come to you that takes too long, make people be
    your friend and you will don’t just sit back and let the
    world pass you by…alright, I hope all goes well with you,
    “aim high to the stars, and if you miss, you still might land on the
    l8er dan

  8. for all those who feel this way, take a walk in the rain, or the
    sun and breathe the positive ambiance of life.
    dwell not on dulls and rock bottoms, but on high mountains
    and high hopes. thrive on imagination and when all is lost, go for another
    walk in the rain, or perhaps the sun.

  9. ur poem sounds like the one i wrote in my journal, isnt that so weird, i know how that feels, but i met my boyfriend and its not what you expect, and i thought i was happy with him until someone else came around, nothings wrong with u..

  10. That was a very touching poem.
    But you have a reason to be on this earth.
    Your not an outcast to anyone.
    And god sat you here for a purpose.
    So enjoy it,while you can.
    Anyway I enjoyed your poem.

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