Angels love

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Memories of my past were so cruelly hunting me…
some nights I used to sit alone..
he was sleeping so peacefully by my side
And I loved to sit beside, watching him…
that presence was more than enough for me..
then I would lie down by his side close to him..
so closer that I could feel the warmth of his breath,
And then I will slowly close my eyes…so peacefully
that his love was protecting me from everything…
And those nights were so beautiful and calm,
that while lying close to him I could hear his heart
still beating for me..softly whispering my name…

3 thoughts on “Angels love”

  1. Past memories haunt everyone but let’s forget the past and live in present … Present itself is a gift that’s the only reason it’s termed as PRESENT … And you are so lucky to have a loving person whose heart whispers only your name … Your poems was filled with feelings I was actually feeling it when I was reading … specially this line ‘I could hear his heart still beating for me … I know how beautiful the feeling is :)…

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